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Who We Are

The Business Payments Coalition (BPC) is a volunteer group of organizations and individuals working together to promote greater adoption of electronic business-to-business (B2B) payments, remittance data, and invoices. The Coalition’s wide-ranging goal is to make B2B electronic payments more efficient across the end-to-end process, that is, to achieve straight-through-processing across both the procure-to-pay and order-to-cash cycles. The Coalition accomplishes this objective by addressing problems and barriers that make it difficult for businesses to use electronic alternatives to paper checks, remittance advices and invoices. There is no cost to join or to participate in Coalition efforts.

Remittance information refers to details about a payment. It tells what the payment is for and explains variances between the amount billed and amount paid. In B2B payments, often a remittance advice is sent by the buyer to the seller to inform the seller that a payment has been or is about to be made, the specific items or invoices being paid, and the reasons for any discrepancies between the invoiced amount and the paid amount (for example, discounts, deductions, and adjustments taken in accordance with the terms of the sale or contract).

The Vendor Forum is a sub-group within the BPC that offers a venue for software and technology providers, corporates, and financial institutions to collaborate. A major goal of the Vendor Forum is to encourage industry efforts to improve B2B payments efficiency and achieve straight-through-processing. The Vendor Forum seeks to foster dialogue, build awareness, and strengthen engagement among vendors and the communities they serve in order to promote automation and electronification of B2B payments and associated remittance information. One goal of the Vendor Forum is to encourage standards adoption to improve B2B payments efficiency and achieve straight-through-processing.

Participation in the Coalition is open to any individual or organization interested in the Coalition’s objectives.

The Business Payments Coalition changed its name in 2016 from “Remittance Coalition.”  We are the same volunteer group.  Coalition documents created prior to 2016 are published under the Remittance Coalition name.

Volunteer Recognition

The BPC would like to recognize all of the volunteers who contributed to 2019 initiatives. To achieve the results takes time, and this group of volunteers made a difference. Without your time and effort, the BPC would not be successful. We appreciate all that you do.

e-Invoice Work Groups

In 2019, the BPC continued its work on overcoming the market challenges with paper invoicing. The BPC organized workgroups to conduct a gap analysis for an e-Invoice semantic model and to assess the technical requirements for an electronic delivery network. The following individuals participated in these efforts:

Ahti Allikas, Opus Capita
Greg Bartels, IPS
Kenneth Bengtsson, eFact
Georg Birgisson, Midran
Severin Blenkush, Individual
Charles Bryant, European E-Invoicing Service Providers Association (EESPA)
Ger Clancy (Technical work group chair), IBM
Tim Cole, Causeway Technologies, EESPA
Mike Dignen, High Radius
Pal Efstrom, Pagero
Ryan Enright, Tungsten Network
Robert Gallo, Edicom
Cassandra Gordon, Individual
Dylania Grant, Accenture
Roger Hatfield, Cloud-Trade
David Hixon, IBM
Ken Holman, Crane Softwrights Ltd.
Caston Jackson, SurePay Financial Services
Michael Jasper (Semantics work group chair), Velocity Procurement
Tom Jones, LBMX
Katalin Kauzli, Partner Hub
Peter Kozak, IBM
Bard Langoy, Pagero
Joel Leetzow, Individual
Daniel Liesenfeld, Basware

Andrei Lozada, Indicium Solutions
Peter Malaczko, Partner Hub
Omar Martinez, Factura Facilmente de Mexico SA de CV
Jose Luis Ortiz, Indicium Solutions
Michael Owens, Coretex
Jesus Pastran, ATEB Servicios SA de CV
German Peguero, Edicom Group
Pam Rhoads, Accenture
Liviu Rodean, IBM
Daniel Sanchez, Indicium Solutions
Bo Shevchik, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Susan Stallings, Tungsten Network
Andrew Stewart, Individual
Janos Toberling, Partner Hub
Alberto Toledo, ATEB Servicios SA de CV
Anna Tujunen, Dooap Inc.
Omar Valencia, Ekomercio
Matt Vickers, Xero
Jason Vincelette, Basware
Chris Welsh, OFS Portal
Todd Albers (Convener), Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Patti Ritter, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Dennis Weddig, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Chris Ellingworth, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Britta Holland, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

What We Do

The Business Payments Coalition promotes B2B payments education through regular conference calls, in-person meetings and webinars. It also sponsors and facilitates workgroups that develop educational, technical and standards material.

Business Payments Coalition Resource Guide (PDF)
Describes resources available on the Business Payments Coalition website.

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