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From September 2023 to June 2024, the Business Payments Coalition convened industry stakeholders to conduct an E-remittance Exchange Pilot. Participants utilized the virtual Digital Business Networks Alliance (DBNAlliance) exchange framework to test the electronic exchange of remittance information (e-remittance) amongst a variety of businesses. In addition to piloting sending e-remittance information on a fully operational exchange framework, work group members finalized market practices for implementing the ISO® 20022 remittance data model and prepared for the adoption of an operational exchange framework that supports e-remittance information along with e-invoices. The e-remittance solution supports all electronic payment methods including instant, ACH, card, wire and check payments.

With the pilot now complete, the BPC’s e-remittance data model is now available for integration into existing exchange framework networks.

Explore the E-remittance Exchange Pilot resources below. If you have questions, you can contact the Business Payments Coalition at business.payments.smb@mpls.frb.org. You can also access the pilot’s technical documents and resources on their Github site here (Off-site).

E-remittance Exchange Pilot Resources and Tools to Aid in Adoption

Stage of Adoption: Awareness

Resource Description
Digital Transformation Means Benefits for B2B Payments (Off-site) Learn more about the many ways that businesses benefit from business-to-business (B2B) payments modernization in this video.
E-remittance Exchange Pilot Overview (PDF) Review this brief one-page summary of the E-remittance Exchange Pilot.
Templated Blog Article (PDF) View a template blog article organizations can use to discuss the work of the E-remittance Exchange Pilot on various channels including newsletters and websites.

Stage of Adoption: Education

Resource Description
Overview of an Exchange Framework From Point A to Point B (Off-site) Check out a step-by-step overview of how an exchange framework enables all kinds of businesses to exchange electronic supply chain documents with one another.
Business Case Overview (PDF) Review this brainstorming tool for creating a business case for sending and/or receiving e-remittance data via an exchange framework.
Industry Vertical Business Use Case (PDF) Browse information on the business use case for adopting an e-remittance exchange framework in various industry verticals.

Stage of Adoption: Implementation

Resource Description
Implementation Overview for Businesses (PDF) Read through the implementation overview for considerations in adopting an exchange framework to send and receive e-remittance information.
E-remittance Data Model Implementation Reference (PDF) Download this guide for the information and tools necessary to get started sending and receiving e-remittance information using the BPC’s e-remittance data model.
E-remittance Data Model (XLS) Explore the e-remittance data model in a user-friendly excel format.

“ISO” is a registered trademark of the International Organization for Standardization

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