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ISO 20022 is a standards framework that enables a common global “language” for messaging in payments, cash management reporting, securities, cards, foreign exchange and trade services. The standard defines the message structure and content. For businesses, ISO 20022 has messages for payments, cash management, and remittance information. Corporates can benefit from ISO 20022 as a means to simplify and standardize their treasury and payment operations.

The ISO 20022 standard is rapidly becoming the global standard for payments, and is being adopted by payment systems in the U.S. The BPC promotes adoption of ISO 20022 by publishing educational materials and conducting periodic webinars geared to businesses.

Take advantage of the opportunity to publicize the ISO® 20022 capabilities your organization can offer for corporate clients!

The Business Payment Coalition (BPC) and the Accredited Standards Committee X9 invite your organization to publicize your ISO 20022 capabilities for US payment and cash management operations.  The BPC’s Vendor Forum is developing a directory of US banks and service providers that have domestic ISO 20022 capabilities.  It will be a resource to enable corporate and other payment-focused users to research providers and their ISO 20022 payment services.

This is a free service to the industry – there are no submission or maintenance fees.  The information submitted will be published on the BPC web site on a page dedicated to the ISO 20022 Capabilities information.  It will feature a searchable list of submitting organizations with a link to the full submission information.

Your organization can submit your capabilities by requesting and completing the submission form.  The same form should be used to update existing submissions.  Submissions may be edited for completeness or clarity before publication.  The submitter will have the opportunity to review the final content before publication.

By submitting the form, your organization certifies the accuracy of the information as of the date submitted and gives the BPC permission to publish the content.  Questions should be directed to Mark Tiggas at or Patti Ritter at


  • Understanding ISO®p; 20022 Resource Guide (PDF) (05/17)
    This guide is a compilation of existing resources that provide information on the ISO 20022 standard, including tools that help with transitioning to the new standard such as mapping tools and implementation guides.
  • U.S. Adoption of ISO 20022 (PDF) (05/17)
    This white paper, which is a companion document to the Understanding ISO® 20022 Resource Guide, provides evidence of U.S. adoption of ISO 20022 for corporate to bank payment operations.
  • ISO 20022 in Plain English (PDF) (02/17)
    This is the presentation from webinar “Overview of ISO 20022: A Business Framework Discussion”, which covered the basics of ISO 20022, with ISO 20022 explained in plain language.

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