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Check out the e-Invoice Interoperability Framework Assessment Report for key themes and more.

LinkedIn faster payments access for all

U.S. Faster Payments Council

Learn about the Faster Payments Council, a new payments organization formed to facilitate broad adoption and ubiquity within the faster payments ecosystem.


Volunteers are making a difference!

Learn more about us and the volunteers who make significant contributions to the work we do.
Small Business Payments Toolkit

Small Business Payments Toolkit

The Small Business Payments Toolkit offers plain-language, practical education about various payment types, explains the benefits of electronic payments and describes how small businesses can avoid being victimized by payment fraud. The toolkit also contains an extensive resource section with links to additional information.

This resource was created for small businesses and the bankers and advisors who serve them in order to encourage more efficient and safer payments processes by small businesses, as well as to provide education on payments fraud prevention. The team that produced this toolkit included bankers who serve small businesses, business practitioners, software and technology service providers, representatives from the Federal Reserve Banks, electronic payments networks and others.

This resource provides an abundance of valuable information on small business payments. The toolkit is broken into key sections to help you jump into the electronic payments world. Get started by checking out these three key components of the toolkit:

  • Understanding Automated Clearinghouse (ACH)
  • Working with your banker
  • Fraud prevention and mitigation tips
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